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csi3_awards's Journal

The awards community for CSI
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to csi3_awards, the place to nominate the best of the best! Should it be CSI, CSI Miami, or CSI New York. This contest is for any of the three CSIs!

1.) Each week you will nominate icons from all three csi shows.
2.) You may nominate up to 20 icons, no more then 20 will be permitted, you can nominate as many icons as you want from 1 - 20. You can edit your entries as you see fit, so you dont have to nominate all 15 right away, but you only have a week to get nominations in.

3.) Choose from the catagories below and nominate to its fitting catagory. Make sure to label what catagory you're putting each icon you nominate in, or else when it comes to poll time, we'll have troubles.

4.) For every icon of your own that you nominate, you must have one by another person. So if you want to nominate an icon of your own, make sure you have on from another person.

5.) LJ URLs are NOT allowed. Make sure when you nominate to use a server Photobucket is great and many icon makers use it. Also it would be great if you could upload your nominations to your own server, that way you're no using anybodys webspace, its a win win situation.

6.) If you chose to nominate an icon in more than one category, it counts as more than one nomination. Say you want to nominate two icons in the Crackers Don't Matter catagory, well then you only have 13 nominations left..get it?


9.) Though you do not have to ask permission to nominate someones icons, it would be nice if you told them. It's also a great way to get people to join the community.


Sunday evening - Friday = Nominations are open.
Friday evening - Sunday afternoon = Poll time, voting.
Sunday afternoon - Winners will be posted.

*Times will vary depending on mod.


Broken Heart: Emotional icons
Leaving you behind: Icon where the character is out side of the lab
Crackers Don't Matter: Funny Icons
Dead Drop: Non-animated Icons
The Goldberg Variation: Celebrities in roles other then their character (promo shots)
Leaving Normal: Original Icons
Love, Daisies and Troubadours: Happy Icons
Stuck here: Icons where the character is in the lab.
All alone: Icons with only one character
Here with you: Icons where there are more than one person
The One With All the Moving Things: Animated Icons
Pleasantville: Black & White icons or black & white icons
Point of View: Best cropping
Putting Out Fires: Best Coloring
Silence of the...: Textless icons
Stolen Kisses: Pairing icons (otp, couples)
The Ties That Bind: Family & Friendship Icons

Special catagories: Mod chosen catagory